About Me

I am an author of Christian historical fiction for children. My first two books are based on the lives of the orphan train riders at the turn of the twentieth century. My goal is to inspire children with the loving care God shows toward us all.

IMG_0597I grew up in New England, living in Vermont and Connecticut. My childhood was pretty much an idealistic existence, playing baseball with the neighborhood kids, skating on the pond behind our house and exploring the woods behind our home.

My parents had four children and three foster children. Two returned to their mother but 0ne little girl we adopted as a very young child. Being the youngest and handicapped, she became the family’s favored child.

I married a young elevator mechanic who was attending Bible school. We had three children, then God called us into ministry. Our three children have since blessed us with ten grandchildren.

Presently, my husband and I pastor a rural church in western Oklahoma. I continue to work extensively with children of all ages.